For When You HAVE to Have the Font From “Sliders”

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First of all, thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday’s launch such a huge success! We’ve received a pretty staggering amount of traffic in the past 24 hours and taken over Of course, this is all pretty much due to the link on Lifehacker. Thanks, Gina!

rock rage fontsSo by now, everyone’s already seen, bookmarked and forgotten about the RockRage Music Fonts, but it’s not the only site featuring purloined and repurposed free fonts masquerading as original typefaces.’s Themed page offers a ton of fonts not only from the music world, but TV, movies, video games and more.

There are about a billion other sites like this on the web, but most of them feature the same crappy fonts over and over again. Sites like this are pretty strange: they’ll take a free font with only a negligible resemblance to a typeface from an album cover or movie, rename it and then host it off their own site. For instance, RockRage has my old font Uptown listed as their Sepultura font. WTF?

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