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add codeman38 has another Japanese foundry for us: Add. Like Digital Dream Design, they have a nice selection of free vector and bitmap fonts (if you aren’t sick of those yet). Check out Cityboy and Loops, as well as all the pixel fonts.

Cody made a point that I agree with completely: it’s incredible that so many of these Japanese foundries with amazing free fonts are flying completely under the radar. But why? It’s not like they’re hard to find. Are people put off by Japanese sites? Is a .jp domain name and the chance of some garbled characters really that scary? Especially when the payoff (tons of great free fonts) is potentially huge?

Maybe. But I think the answer is simple: nobody wants to look too hard. I’m sure most people searching for free fonts don’t go beyond the second or third page of spam-clogged Google results or the same old heavily-linked sites we’ve all seen.

But that’s why you come here, right? So it all works out.

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