Novella Clone

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Okay, you can stop the rioting; I’m back. The past few weeks were a little nuts and involved moving, buying way too much furniture and arguing with some rip-off artists at what I’m pretty sure is a money-laundering operation disguised as a sofa store. Anyway, you guys don’t care about that, so here’s a font:

When a co-worker asked me to find a Novella clone for a friend’s wedding invitations, I figured I’d just do a half-assed search and tell him I didn’t have any luck. Fortunately for the bride & groom, Novella was used on a Smashing Pumpkins album cover, so the billions and billions of Pumpkins fans (or as I’ve just decided to call them, Corganisms) were clamoring for a free clone. So I managed to find a pretty good one called Santa’s Sleigh (scroll to the bottom).

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