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Storm Type

Storm Type offers a very impressive collection of pay fonts, but they’re giving away the Lido family on their free fonts page.


Jos Buivenga’s foundry has some really wonderful stuff. My favorites are Fontin Sans and Fertigo.

I’m not making any promises this time (we all know how that ends), but I do have several posts in the pipeline. While you’re waiting, why not check out my blog?

Floodfonts Updates

Coraline @ Floodfonts
Floodfonts has just been completely redesigned. It now features two new free fonts, Coraline and the pixel font Atlantis.

AUdimat @ SMeltery

Our old favorite Jack Usine has only released one free font in 2006. Luckily, it was the awesome AUdimat, currently featured as our banner font.

New Floodfonts Family
Floodfonts is back from a long hiatus with a new family called “Pirates.” There’s also a new store where you can buy t-shirts and stuff with something called “Euros.”

Semplice Pixelfonts

Joshua Smith (of Hydro74 fame) points us towards Style-Force’s very cool Semplice Pixelfont collection. Interestingly, each zip file contains three different formats of the font: .ttf, .fon and .8.

Seeing the .fon made me recall the old days when I found some DOS-based bitmap font editor and had some fun with it. But what’s a .8 file?


Joshua Smith’s Hydro74 includes a handful of free fonts, including my favorites, Working Class Hero and Napalm Vertigo. You could probably also have some fun with his “vector elements.”

Thanks to Nick Botner for the link, and sorry for the appalling lack of content lately.

Apostrophic Labs

I’m not going to try to document (or pretend to understand) the history of Apostrophic Labs, but after a few mentions in the piracy thread I checked out their fonts at Typoasis. A lot of it’s iffy, but there’s definitely some quality stuff there.

Update: For a more complete collection, check out this site.