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Storm Type

Storm Type offers a very impressive collection of pay fonts, but they’re giving away the Lido family on their free fonts page.

Floodfonts Updates

Coraline @ Floodfonts
Floodfonts has just been completely redesigned. It now features two new free fonts, Coraline and the pixel font Atlantis.

New Floodfonts Family
Floodfonts is back from a long hiatus with a new family called “Pirates.” There’s also a new store where you can buy t-shirts and stuff with something called “Euros.”

Semplice Pixelfonts

Joshua Smith (of Hydro74 fame) points us towards Style-Force’s very cool Semplice Pixelfont collection. Interestingly, each zip file contains three different formats of the font: .ttf, .fon and .8.

Seeing the .fon made me recall the old days when I found some DOS-based bitmap font editor and had some fun with it. But what’s a .8 file?

Font Boutique

Heinrich Lischka’s Font Boutique only has a couple of free fonts available but it’s definitely worth checking out. I like Neo Retro, but the real gem here is clearly Samba.

Glashaus Design: Lacuna

Glashaus Design
is a (German?) graphic design studio that has a few free fonts available for download on their site. One of them happens to be the excellent sans serif “Lacuna”. Once you enter their site, just click on the “Glashaus-Fonts” link at the top of the page to check out Lacuna and Catherine, a nice serif typeface. Then pat yourself on the back for following instructions soooooo well, kiddo!


I wouldn’t attempt to pronounce it, but Polenimschaufenster is “the free font foundry by Hannes Siengalewicz, student of MultiMediaArt.” Hannes says:

Driven by serbian Sljivovic I create typefaces out of found footage like money, old magazines, boardgames from the 60ies or lables on bottles of liguor. Kyrillic characters rock.

Of course that quote needs a pounding from my giant [sic] stamp, but Hannes makes some pretty interesting fonts. Dinarjev Republika and Union Argochemicals are grungy without being obnoxious and Zwiefalter Klosterbräu is a useful script face. I really like fonts like this that have just the right touch of sloppiness.


Font-o-ville is a Dutch foundry offering some cool, original retro fonts for download. I like The Bends and the Orpheus family, a nice sans serif package that seems a little out of place thematically (not that I’m complaining). The site’s been lying dormant for a year and half, so who knows how long these fonts will be available.