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This weekend I started plowing through the backlog of Fontleech email. Buried under all the Cialias and mortgage offers, I found some pretty sweet sites that you guys sent me. Nick Botner tipped me off to Fontscape, the work of Hiroki Tanaka. Hiroki’s got some nice work, especially MW Code. Check it out. And if you guys are looking a good source prescription drug source, just let me know.


Kosuke Yamada is a Japanese type designer with a few free fonts available on his site Petitboys (?). Transport X and Funky House are nice, but Highway Star (the original, not the 2003 version) is definitely my favorite.


Hopefully this link from Jason Fields will make up for the Zone Erogene fiasco:

Eutypoce offers the awesome Sukplena family for free download. If that isn’t enough for you, check out both flavors of Val Blanc and all of their great pixel fonts.

Getting an entire family of Sukplena’s quality for free is almost unbelievable. Don’t sleep on this one! And be sure to reload this page in five minutes to see how stupid I end up looking when it turns out Eutypoce is really a black market baby/bootleg DVD ring.


add codeman38 has another Japanese foundry for us: Add. Like Digital Dream Design, they have a nice selection of free vector and bitmap fonts (if you aren’t sick of those yet). Check out Cityboy and Loops, as well as all the pixel fonts.

Cody made a point that I agree with completely: it’s incredible that so many of these Japanese foundries with amazing free fonts are flying completely under the radar. But why? It’s not like they’re hard to find. Are people put off by Japanese sites? Is a .jp domain name and the chance of some garbled characters really that scary? Especially when the payoff (tons of great free fonts) is potentially huge?

Maybe. But I think the answer is simple: nobody wants to look too hard. I’m sure most people searching for free fonts don’t go beyond the second or third page of spam-clogged Google results or the same old heavily-linked sites we’ve all seen.

But that’s why you come here, right? So it all works out.

Digital Dream Design

digital dream design codeman38 (whose work we have already covered) sent me links to a couple more Japanese foundries with free fonts. One of my favorites is Digital Dream Design. Though their interface is definitely tough to work your way through, the patient surfer can find some great stuff there like Naturalism (pictured). If I had known about them a couple of weeks ago, I definitely would have included them in the Pixel Font Blowout. Their bitmap fonts are right up there with the best.



com4t COM4t is yet another Japanese foundry. They’ve got a bunch of clean, professional free fonts like Spirequal Light, Oldnew and the Familian family. I probably don’t have to tell you how rare it is to find practical, useful fonts for free.



gau+ GAU+ (Graphic Arts Unit) is a nice Japanese site with several cool, usable free fonts. While a lot of sites have only one or two decent fonts and dozens of crappy ones, GAU has a pretty good ratio of quality fonts despite their limited selection. I downloaded Milk Choco and Pop Magic.



lovedesign If it seems like you’re seeing a lot of Japanese sites here lately, well, you are. Lovedesign is a Japanese foundry offering just short of 50 free fonts. I heartily recommend Poo3 and Gameboy Gamegirl.