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How To: Install Fonts in Windows

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It’s come to my attention that not everyone is blessed with an innate knowledge of font installation, and for this reason I’ve crafted a simple guide for Windows users to install all these great free fonts that you’re finding. Installing fonts is not a complicated process, but it does have a few quirks that can throw off even competent computer users. I’ll take you through it step by step.

1. Save the font’s .zip file to your desktop.

Right-click on the link to the zip file and save it your desktop:

The zip file should now show up somewhere on your desktop:

If you see something similiar to the above on your desktop, you’re doing good so far.

2. Unzip the .ttf file.
Double click on the .zip file to open it up.

Find the .ttf file (the font), and drag it back on to your desktop.

3. Copy the .ttf file to your fonts folder.
Open up your C:\Windows\Fonts folder and drag the .ttf file into it. If everything goes right, Windows will let you know.

Now you can delete all the crap you just cluttered up your desktop with and start using your new font!