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Monday Link Dump

Even if you haven’t played the games, surely you can respect the greatness of this insane archive of Sega fonts.

My First Font is a site that’s been getting a lot of hits on today. Which is awesome, because what the web really needs is a million more crappy handwriting fonts, right?

A detailed explanation of why Arial sucks.


The Roadgeek fonts are Michael Adams’ obsessively-detailed clones of highway signage typefaces used in America, Germany and the UK. The package even includes a cloned family of Clearview, the new font popping up on American highway signs. Texas began using Clearview on their highway signs before I moved to California, and although I’m not sure if it was significantly more legible, at least it looked nicer.

Friday Link Dump

These Hebrew fonts look awesome, but they’re of no real use to this goy.

I think the name says it all: Pirates & Fonts.

This has to be the dumbest collection of fonts ever (possibly NSFW?).

Sorry for the dearth of updates lately. Stupid real life!

Florida Project On Friday I was preparing a story about Justin Callaghan’s Florida Project font when I received an email from none other than Justin Callaghan! He was just pointing out a stupid HTML mistake that I’d made, but the coincidence was pretty startling. Anyway, Florida Project is the fun sans serif used all over Disney World. It’s strange how I instantly recognized it even though I haven’t been to Disney World in 15 years (and I certainly wasn’t a font expert at the time).

There are several other Disney fonts available at, including Waltograph, which undoubtedly gets ten times as many downloads as Florida Project.

For When You HAVE to Have the Font From “Sliders”

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday’s launch such a huge success! We’ve received a pretty staggering amount of traffic in the past 24 hours and taken over Of course, this is all pretty much due to the link on Lifehacker. Thanks, Gina!

rock rage fontsSo by now, everyone’s already seen, bookmarked and forgotten about the RockRage Music Fonts, but it’s not the only site featuring purloined and repurposed free fonts masquerading as original typefaces.’s Themed page offers a ton of fonts not only from the music world, but TV, movies, video games and more.

There are about a billion other sites like this on the web, but most of them feature the same crappy fonts over and over again. Sites like this are pretty strange: they’ll take a free font with only a negligible resemblance to a typeface from an album cover or movie, rename it and then host it off their own site. For instance, RockRage has my old font Uptown listed as their Sepultura font. WTF?