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Thatcher Ulrich’s free font Tuffy is a nice sans serif that comes with no strings attached. While the licensing status of most free fonts is unclear at best, Thatcher has released Tuffy into the public domain.

Greyscale Basic

My German is horrible but this free font looks great!

And just a reminder, if you have any tips, send them in:

AUdimat @ SMeltery

Our old favorite Jack Usine has only released one free font in 2006. Luckily, it was the awesome AUdimat, currently featured as our banner font.

Ask Fontleech

Reader Lisa asks:

Are there any dingbat fonts you know of with furniture?


Novella Clone

Okay, you can stop the rioting; I’m back. The past few weeks were a little nuts and involved moving, buying way too much furniture and arguing with some rip-off artists at what I’m pretty sure is a money-laundering operation disguised as a sofa store. Anyway, you guys don’t care about that, so here’s a font:

When a co-worker asked me to find a Novella clone for a friend’s wedding invitations, I figured I’d just do a half-assed search and tell him I didn’t have any luck. Fortunately for the bride & groom, Novella was used on a Smashing Pumpkins album cover, so the billions and billions of Pumpkins fans (or as I’ve just decided to call them, Corganisms) were clamoring for a free clone. So I managed to find a pretty good one called Santa’s Sleigh (scroll to the bottom).

Free at FontShop: Arnhem Bold

It’s that time of the month! FontShop is tempting you with Arnhem Bold in the hope that you’ll buy the whole family. From the looks of it, you could to much worse than Arnhem for setting copy.

Two Dingbat Fonts You Might Actually Use

It’s easy to hate on free fonts. The average free font is hideous. The average free dingbat font, however, is not only hideous, but also completely useless. Sure it might look cute on his site, but when are you every actually going to need 100 of some Swedish guy’s drawings of pastries?

Christian Ghirardi’s Fleur de Wee at Chank is a great collection of those fancy French dingbats on French stuff.

Kenn Munk’s Karmaflage isn’t so much a dingbat as a “system for building ornamental camouflage patterns.” From the readme:

Numerals produce one type of camouflage, upper case letters another type and lower case letters a third. For best results, set leading to 0 and use two or more layers, keeping each type of camouflage-ornament in its own layer.

Anyone else got some dingbats that don’t suck?

(Thanks to Coles, and a couple other chumps who were too slow, for the Kenn Munk link).

Jefferson Gothic Oblique at P22

Jefferson Gothic Oblique is a great font, but it’ll take you a little bit of work to get it. When you sign up for P22’s mailing list, they’ll send you the URL where you can download Jefferson and a couple other (far less interesting) faces. Thanks to my new buddy Jon Hicks for the link.

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