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I promise that Fontleech is coming back, but for now check out something new: Splideo.

Friday Link Dump

Mac < ==> PC font conversion tools, in case you’re a PC user looking to use some of the sweet Mac fonts we covered in the previous post (including the awesome Mac Rhino fonts Claas pointed out in the comments). Brian Donnelly suggests CrossFont.

Definitely check out the new Typophile.

Um, is it just me or is hotshot designer Peter Saville giving away commercial fonts he didn’t design?

Monday Link Dump

Even if you haven’t played the games, surely you can respect the greatness of this insane archive of Sega fonts.

My First Font is a site that’s been getting a lot of hits on today. Which is awesome, because what the web really needs is a million more crappy handwriting fonts, right?

A detailed explanation of why Arial sucks.

Weekend Discussion Questions 5

This question is for the font designers out there:

Do you give any of your fonts away for free? Why or why not? Discuss.

Friday Link Dump

This list of the most common fonts installed on Windows machines is kind of weird. The only reason people would be missing any of the top dozen or so is because they uninstalled them, right? Who uninstalls Arial but leaves Arial Black? WTF?

The 10 Most Widely Used Fonts for Newspapers. Is it me or is this is just completely made up?

I don’t think these 300 Essential Fonts for Designers are actually essential (or in most cases even good), but I figure if I post this link people will stop emailing it to me. Snarkiness aside, there are some good fonts in this collection, but be prepared for some monumentally bad ones.

April Fools

Okay, so maybe not all April Fool’s Day web pranks are lame. Check out Fontleech favorite Eutypoce’s splash. This one had me confused for a second.

logotypes It’s not exactly a font site, but Jason Fields points out, an amazing repository of 4,999 (as of this minute) corporate logos in Illustrator format. Download away while the cease-and-desist orders work their way through the Rube Goldbergian Russian postal system.


Namco 70’s-80’s Font Museum

While you’re waiting for the final (I know, I’m sick of it, too) installment of the pixel font blowout, check out this amazing gallery of fonts from old Namco arcade games. Things go pretty nuts when you get to page 2.