I promise that Fontleech is coming back, but for now check out something new: Splideo.

Ask Fontleech

Reader Lisa asks:

Are there any dingbat fonts you know of with furniture?


New Floodfonts Family

Floodfonts is back from a long hiatus with a new family called “Pirates.” There’s also a new store where you can buy t-shirts and stuff with something called “Euros.”

So Here’s the Problem

There aren’t that many unique free font sites on the web. And out of those, only a handful are worth any attention. I’ve pretty much covered all of those.

And there aren’t a ton of new free font sites popping up every day. Sure, they were a dime a dozen in the mid-late 90s (you might have noticed that most of the sites I’ve covered at least launched in that era), but when was the last time a new site with some awesome free fonts popped up?

So what happens now that we’ve basically caught up with 10 years of free font history? I’m not sure, but consider this notice that things are slowing down at Fontleech (in case you hadn’t picked up on that). As always, I could really use your tips. But please, search the site before emailing a URL. Most of the suggestions I get are for sites that have already been covered.

Even if the site’s been neglected, I’m glad to see people coming in from search engines getting some use out of it. At the very least, Fontleech will always serve as a database of quality free font links. But I promise, that database will continue to grow.

Weekend Discussion Questions 8

This week: make up your own damn questions. The good ones will be used in future discussion threads.

Semplice Pixelfonts

Joshua Smith (of Hydro74 fame) points us towards Style-Force’s very cool Semplice Pixelfont collection. Interestingly, each zip file contains three different formats of the font: .ttf, .fon and .8.

Seeing the .fon made me recall the old days when I found some DOS-based bitmap font editor and had some fun with it. But what’s a .8 file?

Novella Clone

Okay, you can stop the rioting; I’m back. The past few weeks were a little nuts and involved moving, buying way too much furniture and arguing with some rip-off artists at what I’m pretty sure is a money-laundering operation disguised as a sofa store. Anyway, you guys don’t care about that, so here’s a font:

When a co-worker asked me to find a Novella clone for a friend’s wedding invitations, I figured I’d just do a half-assed search and tell him I didn’t have any luck. Fortunately for the bride & groom, Novella was used on a Smashing Pumpkins album cover, so the billions and billions of Pumpkins fans (or as I’ve just decided to call them, Corganisms) were clamoring for a free clone. So I managed to find a pretty good one called Santa’s Sleigh (scroll to the bottom).


Joshua Smith’s Hydro74 includes a handful of free fonts, including my favorites, Working Class Hero and Napalm Vertigo. You could probably also have some fun with his “vector elements.”

Thanks to Nick Botner for the link, and sorry for the appalling lack of content lately.